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Monday, 5 November 2012

Hello readers,

Today it seems as though I've had an epiphany - the thought came to mind whilst I was sorting out my fantasy team that perhaps I should use this blog not only to forecast my recent football opinions, but to give a quick preview ahead of the week's Premier League matches with my fantasy tips.

These fantasy tips will include my version of SkySports' #ITK with a look into each game giving some key players to play, and a final summary of my favourite option in goal, defense, midfield, and attack.

There was then extra thought that perhaps I could review the weeks matches - not focussing on the fantasy side of the game, but the actual football. If I don't review the week, then there will definitely be a post regarding some sort of football involvement from that week.

So, I'll speak to you all on Friday night

Hope you like these ideas, and continue reading!


JT said...

Love this idea, sounds very interesting! Can't wait to see what you've got.

I found a football infographics site ( which may be helpful if you want to display team/player/match info in a easy way to visualise. All they ask for is a clickable link as a source

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